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The Garage

Seamless transition from classroom to concept to creation.

Located on the fourth floor of Steven and Kathryn Sample Hall, the Garage is a dynamic, state-of-the-art workspace that fosters creativity, hones design and fabrication skills, and encourages making and doing. With networking spaces, studios and labs featuring 3D scanning and printing capabilities and high-powered computer workstations, students work closely with faculty and leading industry mentors to see their ideas come to life.

special features

Tools to disrupt the status quo.

Work Stations

Five collaborative workstations are each equipped with an Apple Mac Pro pre-installed with industry-standard design software; 46-inch, high-definition display; 10Gb bandwidth; HDMI and AirPlay connectivity. Two of the workstations are optimized for high-end audio design, including built-in studio monitors.

Digital fabrication

Access to consumer and professional 3D scanning and printing technology, as well as other digital fabrication equipment.

Professional-grade printing

Small- and large-format printers provide students with state-of-the-art communication and design tools.


Well-stocked workshop is complete with hand and power tools, and electronics.

Disruption Under Construction

Caution: Creativity Ahead.

Academy Students work on a Digital Toolbox project

Students present to WIRED Magazine editor-in-chief

preparing for a rapid visualization assignment

Class project using a 3Doodler tool, a 3D printing pen