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Rodney Mullen

Pro Skateboarder, Entrepreneur

With a career that spans nearly four decades, Rodney Mullen is a professional skateboarder, business owner, inventor, author and public speaker. Deemed the “Godfather of Modern Street Skating,” he is credited with inventing numerous skateboarding tricks, including the Ollie, kickflip, heelflip, impossible and 360-flip.

Mullen studied math and engineering at the University of Florida before co-founding World Industries, the largest skate company in the 90s, which was acquired by Globe Shoes. He continues to skate and design, having earned his second patent for a board and truck design. Combining his skating background with his analytic interests, Mullen has given two TEDx talks and spoken at technology forums PopTech and Foo Camp

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World Industries

World Industries has been around since 1988. Founded by professional skateboarders Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen. Known for its irreverent marketing and major contribution to developing street skating.