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curriculum Plus

Going beyond the classroom to transform college education.

At the Academy, education extends beyond the classroom in many ways. From micro-lectures to international study tours, CurriculumPlus offers students unconventional learning experiences that not only allow them to tailor their education to an unprecedented level, but also explore the places where innovation is happening, wherever it’s happening.

The mainstays of CurriculumPlus are the Responsive Learning Modules. Developed to complement Academy coursework, RLM sessions augment students’ classroom education and meet their individualized needs by providing them with critical learning opportunities, but without the full infrastructure of a semester-long course. As a result, RLMs are diverse enough to respond to a wide variety of student interests, and flexible enough to deliver each subject in the most useful and relevant way.

RLM sessions range in length from a few hours to a few weeks and can take many different shapes to suit the material.

Unique Offerings

Opportunities you can't get anywhere else.


Intensives on a specific subject, such as venture funding, animation scripting, design project team management and the creative process


Hands-on experiences with equipment and tools in university workshops

Master Class

Student presentations with feedback from visiting experts like recent lecturer Josh Cohen from Apple University

Field Trips

Opportunities to see the inner workings of a company or facility and get a sneak preview of its operations