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Recent Highlights

About the Program

The academy at the intersection between design, technology and business

This unique Bachelor of Science degree offers a highly select group of students an integrated, four-year course of study that provides in-depth learning in four essential areas: art and design; engineering and computer science; business and venture management; and communication. The fourth-year "Garage Experience" moves student teams from concept to creation, vision to prototype. Throughout the program students are taught to think seamlessly across multiple disciplines, and to apply a vast array of relevant technologies and techniques toward innovative problem solving.

In addition to collaborative workstations and 3D printing labs, the Garage also features a fully-stocked workshop.

Core curriculum

This unique Bachelor of Science degree offers a highly select group of students an integrated, four-year course of study that provides in-depth learning in four essential areas: art and design; engineering and computer science; business and venture management; and communication. Through the Academy's Core, students learn applied skills and gain understanding of the theories, concepts, and "languages" common to each area, and the innovative potential where they intersect. Academy electives serve to customize each student's experience to his or her individual strengths or desired focus.

The degree requires a total of 128 units, including 76 units in the Core and 12 units in major electives. Students must select elective courses from the Academy's current offerings in Visual Design, Technology, Venture Management, Audio Design and Communication, or from future electives as they become available. In consultation with their academic advisor, students may petition to create unique degree paths by selecting courses from across all of the Academy's partner offerings, or from academic units or disciplines outside of the Academy (subject to approval by the dean).

In addition to required courses, students may elect to register for other Academy experiences such as summer study abroad and internships.

Apply for the Academy

Seize your potential

The USC Iovine and Young Academy seeks entrepreneurs, creators and disruptors who question the status quo and use their skills and abilities to initiate positive and groundbreaking solutions to virtually any problem. This elite Bachelor of Science program prepares students to “invent the future” through a uniquely integrated curriculum that merges art and design, engineering and computer science, and business strategy and venture management.

Is this you? Read on…

Successful applicants will possess the following:

  • An interest in the creative arts and evidence of sustained activity in an expressive art form
  • An aptitude for technology, systems, mechanics, workability or feasibility, entrepreneurship or leadership
  • A natural feel for and experience in an entrepreneurial or leadership role
  • A clear facility for multi- or cross-disciplinary thinking and problem solving
  • An understanding of how to work successfully within a team
  • Curiosity
  • Initiative
  • An ability to accept periodic failure as an essential component of innovation

The Founders

The Academy’s Visionaries

With a visionary gift from entrepreneurs Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young, the University of Southern California established an academy to teach critical thinking and nurture unbridled creativity at the intersection of four essential areas: art and design; engineering and computer science; business and venture management; and communication.

Conceived as a collaborative environment that brings multidisciplinary students, instructors and professional mentors together, the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation is quickly becoming a transformational presence on one of the nation’s most dynamic university campuses.


Create new paths

The first class of USC Iovine and Young students were selected from a talented and highly accomplished pool of applicants. The 31 students from 14 states and 3 countries represent varied backgrounds, unique perspectives and diverse disciplines. They are the key to driving the program forward.

Arjun ('18)

Arjun, co-founder of startup Trakfire, participated in SMASHD/labs: A Masterclass in Hustle, a 10-week incubator program sponsored by Atom Factory, a multi-dimensional entertainment and artist management company based in Los Angeles. Trakfire is a community of music enthusiasts that allows users to curate a daily leader board of the best music from independent artists.

Suraya ('19)

Last summer 2016, Suraya landed a prestigious summer internship at Apple, where she worked on their worldwide developer relations team. In the spring of 2016, Suraya also attended Facebook's F8 Conference, where she had the unique opportunity to learn about the social media site's upcoming plans, in the company of other student scholars.

Jacob ('20)

Jacob ('20) is a playwright, actor and puppeteer. He has participated in local theater since 5th grade. In 2015, he founded Ellipsoid Players, an award winning theater company that annually participates in the San Diego Fringe Festival, with past productions including “My Mother’s in the Audience” and “Hateful Hands.” 

Speaker Series

The real life disruptors

Providing a direct pipeline to cutting-edge thought in industry and professional practice, the Innovators Forum, a speaker series course at the Academy, is an opportunity for students to receive immediate and critical feedback on their ideas. Leaders in diverse disciplines, industries and arts present and assign problem-based projects challenging the concept of innovation.

Jimmy Iovine in conversation with Academy Executive Director Erica Muhl at the Innovators Forum.


The Atmosphere

The Right Environment for the next level of learning

USC’s location in Los Angeles, widely viewed as the creative and media capital of the world, provides an unrivaled opportunity for students to take advantage of a living laboratory where business, film, technology and visual arts are deeply intertwined. The university’s proximity to the city’s burgeoning “Silicon Beach” as well as Northern California’s Silicon Valley provides access to a vast array of start-ups and established companies from which students can draw inspiration and internships. The Academy also integrates knowledge from professional schools across the university to provide a cohesive, multi-disciplinary course of study unlike any other.

News and Events

The Pulse of Innovation

Find out what’s happening at the Academy, witness student projects evolve and keep up with technology trends and industry news from WIRED Magazine here.

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