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Academy Minors

The Academy offers four minors for students who wish to broaden their interdisciplinary studies at USC. Applications for the minors will be available beginning Spring 2019.

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In order to apply for the minor, students must be in good academic standing and complete the minor pre-requisite course with a minimum B- grade. All pre-requisite courses will apply towards the 24 units to complete the minor.

Minor Pre-Requisite Courses:

Product Design Minor: ACAD-176 Rapid Visualization

Disruptive Innovation Minor: ACAD-176 Rapid Visualization or ACAD-324 The Practice of Design: Ideation to Innovation or ACAD-302 Hacker Imagination

Designing for Experiences Minor: ACAD-275 Dev I

Multimedia for Designers and Entrepreneurs Minor: ACAD-207 Multimedia for Designers and Entrepreneurs I

In some cases, students may petition to substitute classes taken in other schools that may cover the pre-requisites.

Product Design Minor

A minor in Product Design offers USC students a deep understanding of the design process leading to the creation of consumer goods and services, including the fundamentals of design thinking and human-centered design as they relate to successful ideation and implementation. Students will learn the method by which conclusions are made through study and application of acquired knowledge and skills in the areas of user research, market opportunity, consumer insights, competitive analysis, ideation, 3D form development, production methodologies, branding, packaging, marketing, and distribution. Course work will focus on the process by which decisions are made regarding not only a physical object's function and aesthetic qualities, but also if it is solving a problem, how it is solving that problem better than the competition, and whether or not it is a problem worth solving in the first place.

Complete information about the Product Design Minor is available through the USC catalogue.

Disruptive Innovation Minor

Disruptive innovation results from an invention or discovery that radically changes an existing eco or social system. Invariably, that change requires new learning and new, sustaining innovations in response. Lasting innovation, then, requires both creativity in generating fresh, bold new ideas and an understanding of the constant interplay of economic, technological, cultural and social forces that drive the use and consumption of products, goods and services. Innovators who maintain success and momentum over long periods have learned to anticipate and adapt to trends by focusing on the needs and opportunities presented by the customer, the citizen, the community and the user. The Iovine and Young Academy utilizes the techniques of human-centered design and a uniquely interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand, nurture and drive innovation. The course work in this minor delivers a range of fundamental theories, frameworks and experiences to augment and enhance the knowledge students are gaining in their majors with an understanding of the techniques, methods and methodologies of the world's greatest innovators.

Complete information about the Disruptive Innovation Minor is available through the USC catalogue.

Designing for Experiences Minor

The Designing for Experiences minor provides USC students in all fields of study an opportunity to gain essential knowledge and skills related to interaction design. Courses focus on the practical tools required to implement interactive visual and tangible experiences as well as the conceptual basis for their creation from the standpoint of universal design theory. The minor is of particular interest to students wishing to further develop specializations such as data visualization, application design and social media platform development.

Complete information the Designing for Experiences Minor available through the USC catalogue.

Multimedia for Designers and Entrepreneurs Minor

Entrepreneurs, content creators and experience designers in today's tech-rich market environments must understand how multimedia arts platforms interconnect. Facility with state-of-the-art visual and audio tools, and the ability to combine and integrate them successfully to create compelling and persuasive experiences, is essential. The learning approach in this minor combines design-driven, user-focused theory with hands-on, practical tools and production skills. Within a studio critique model, technology fundamentals are combined with entrepreneurial and design thinking perspectives. These skills and techniques will augment and enhance the knowledge students learn in their home domains and majors, and in virtually any future field of endeavor.

Complete information about the Multimedia for Designers and Entrepreneurs Minor is available through the USC catalogue.