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Two students, shirt says the degree is in disruption.

The Academy is recognized as a concentrated source of talent by industry experts and leading companies from a wide array of sectors. The Academy’s rigorous and integrative academic framework, along with its strong emphasis on real-world professionalizing experiences, provides our students with the skills and abilities that are most relevant to 21st-century working environments. Academy graduates are well-prepared to realize the ‘careers of the future’, and to provide that essential innovative edge for any organization, in any field. 

Positioned in one of the world’s leading Tier-1 research institutions, the Academy develops unique, cross-disciplinary thinkers who are highly adept at critical analysis, creative problem-solving, and connecting the dots across traditional disciplines or areas of work. As a result, our students regularly capture highly competitive internships, fellowships and full-time positions at a roster of companies that includes the likes of Tesla, Google, Apple, Intel, adidas, Adobe, Facebook, Oculus, Spotify, IDEO, Dreamworks, Sony, Imagine Entertainment, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ernst and Young, Hulu, NVIDIA, DEKA Research Labs, and Verizon. What’s more, Academy students are serving as change agents in non-profits, government agencies, and NGO’s, as well, applying their strategic knowledge toward tackling some of society’s most intractable problems. 

IYA Industry Connect is a comprehensive, online internship and job database where employers can connect with Academy students who possess the unique abilities sought by each industry or organization. By posting relevant information on jobs, internships, fellowships, and other opportunities, employers can identify specific needs, and search for qualified candidates. To post an opportunity, please click the link below.

Academy students are highly sought after by business and industry. Hosting a recruiting event provides a valuable ‘first-look’ opportunity to meet Academy students in person, broaden your pool of available talent, and make a lasting impression as an employer.

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