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The vitamin and dietary supplement industry is booming due to the rise of health conscious consumers and aging populations. New innovative companies are entering the thriving space, changing the way supplements get developed, shipped, sold, and consumed.


“I think the theme that really unites everthing that the Academy does is creativity.”


Jamie ('19) worked as a user experience and strategy intern for The Secret Location, a content studio for emerging platforms like virtual reality and interactive documentaries. During her internship, Jamie provided research and technical support to the Research and Development Lab, as well as to the user experience and strategy teams.

“The hands-on, project-based curriculum is perfect for me. I am excited to use all of the amazing resources the Academy has to offer.”


Suraya ('19) landed a prestigious summer internship at Apple, where she worked on their worldwide developer relations team. In the spring of 2016, Suraya also attended Facebook's F8 Conference, where she had the unique opportunity to learn about the social media site's upcoming plans, in the company of other student scholars.


“Our professors are really as excited about what they are teaching us as
we are to learn it.”


Spring semester 2017, Cam ('19) was a management and production assistant at London Alley, a full service production company based in Marina Del Rey, CA. He is currently a production assistant at VRLIVE, a first generation, virtual reality 360° broadcast network and production company.

“There was no other school I wanted to be in more than the Iovine and Young Academy.”


Academy freshman Skylar Thomas is founder of Troublemaker Technologies, a creator of high fidelity app experiences, illustrations and 2D/3D animations. Skylar is currently building a VR experience for the Oculus store and upcoming art show, The Progressors, which will feature Skylar’s game Littlebot AR/VR. Previously, Skylar also made voxel characters for games he created for PETA. He’s since circled back to 8-bit, 3D work. “If anyone wants to get into AR/VR, I would say they should spend an equal amount of time in art and code. I say this because the user’s world is comprised of art and animation but the code brings the art to life.”

Check out Skylar's work here...

“The program allows me to explore all the creative fields that I am interested in whilst also maintaining a practical, business-oriented mindset.


Jacob ('20) is a playwright, actor and puppeteer. He has participated in local theater since 5th grade. In 2015, he founded Ellipsoid Players, an award winning theater company that annually participates in the San Diego Fringe Festival, with past productions including “My Mother’s in the Audience” and “Hateful Hands.” 

“The opportunities, connections and experiences the Academy offers seemed like nothing I had seen anywhere else.

“Dr. Dre and I found it really hard to find kids whose education encompasses technology, the arts and innovation. So at USC, we’re creating a brand new program right here.”