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Foundational to the Academy’s ability to drive powerful student outcomes are our critical partnerships within academia and with industry. Academy students are among the best and brightest in the nation, and their level talent and work produced continues to attract the attention of the most innovative companies in the world.  

The Academy’s dynamic partnerships support the extensive program of professionalizing experiences which include regular opportunities for students and student teams to serve as strategists for real-world problem prompts in collaboration with an impressive list of industry partners. To date collaborations have targeted a wide variety of areas of interest, including human performance, the future of mobility, global communications, arts education, the future of play, health and well-being, sustainability, and the future of the music industry. Partners have included global brands such as adidas, Audi/Volkswagen, Verizon and Fender Guitars, as well as some of the most impactful non-profit organizations here and abroad, such as the Grammy Foundation, the American Heart Association, and Harvard Business Publishing. In addition to these co-curricular elements, the Academy’s regular curriculum offers opportunities to incorporate projects from industry, and provides a platform for industry experts to serve as guest teachers, mentors, and critics.  

The Academy

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  • Industry Practicums 

Academy Industry and Impact partners to date include:

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