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An experienced engineer and teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, Adam Hughes is professionally skilled in Solidworks, AutoCAD, manufacturing, communication, technology and construction.

Teaching has been a core foundation of Adam’s professional portfolio. He started at UC Riverside teaching CAD and Design. Since then, has been teaching engineers and engineering disciplines across north America for companies like Nasa, JPL, Facebook, Google, Disney amongst countless others. He also has provided engineering and design services for several of these companies on a contract basis.

Adam has worked in industry incorporating design and manufacturing into nearly every project. Graduated from UC Riverside in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked as an engineer for Angelus Block, La-Z-Boy and currently works for an Engineering Firm at GoEngineer.

One unique aspect Adam can bring in the classroom and convey to students is the real-world challenges, tactics and solutions companies go through with design, iteration and manufacturing. Teaching these aspects in classroom along with the complexities of design offer a fresh perspective to students and better prepare them for their future.

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