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The Academy Experience

The Academy—a unique environment for students to learn, create and collaborate.

Conceived as a collaborative environment that brings exceptional students together with visionary faculty and professional mentors, the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation is a transformational presence on one of the nation’s most dynamic university campuses.

The undergraduate degree program focuses on nurturing and developing original thought, leading to breakthrough products, systems, technologies and more. Drawing on the talents and experiences of industry leaders from a vast array of fields and driven by passionate, committed faculty, the Academy empowers the next generation of disruptors to change the face of society.

“I know that this program and its students are going to change the world. Everyone is incredibly intelligent and has so much to offer...The individually curated curriculum corresponds directly to what I want to learn in college, and no other program in the world offers that.”

— Amri Rigby, Student


What makes the Academy an unparalleled environment for creativity?

The Cohort Experience

With the students’ individual experiences, backgrounds and skill sets, the cohort provides a unique opportunity to network and build communities both inside and outside the program.

Interactive Learning

The Academy's educational model addresses a fundamental shift in how coming generations of students think, learn and choose to interact with the world. 


Admission to the Academy is highly selective. Each fall, the program aims to enroll 25 new students, enabling Academy majors to work closely with faculty and advisors.


Students gain insights and perspective from industry mentors, including leading artists, designers, technologists, public policy makers, philanthropists, global entrepreneurs and many others.


Students learn to think seamlessly across disciplines and to leverage the theories, concepts and vocabulary of each to imagine and develop bold new ideas.