A fresh new look for Iovine and Young Academy’s website

Picture of an Apple desktop computer. Onscreen is a picture of a website whose header reads "Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation." In the header is smaller text identifying the USC Iovine and Young Academy.

August 25, 2021

USC Iovine and Young Academy today introduced its newly redesigned website that pops with bold red text and vibrantly showcases Academy life through dynamic videos and photography. The new destination offers streamlined navigation, better accessibility and detailed information about the Academy for prospective students, families, partners and visitors.

“A major goal of the redesign was to engage our community by amplifying Academy stories in a visually enticing way,” says Karine Kim, senior associate director of communications. “This new website not only provides powerful back-end functionality, but it captures the bold aesthetic that is so intrinsic to the Academy spirit.”

The website features main menu categories: Discover, Learn, Apply, Community, The Pulse and Collaborate. The nomenclature reflects key Academy values and provides an array of information and media ranging from program and applications to news and articles. In particular, the Pulse section is a highly visual display of student profiles, stories and accomplishments. To facilitate navigation, each web page incorporates a floating sidebar menu, which allows users to quickly jump to a topic on the page as well as a site map in the footer.

An additional level of experience can also be unlocked through a puzzle embedded in the website.

The redesign was done in collaboration with Los Angeles-based web design firm Use All Five. The design process included an extensive content audit by key stakeholders as well as user research and interviews with students, faculty and staff.