Iovine and Young Academy Awards Funding to Student Companies Infinity Boxx, Torch and Pica VR

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In honor of the Academy’s entrepreneurial founders Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young, the Iovine and Young Prize is awarded annually to a student or team within the Academy. Every year students layout proposals for innovative products that have the potential to revolutionize an industry. This year’s competitors faced a unique challenge: impressing the judges through Zoom while demonstrating a bold vision for their product. The prize committees, led by Academy professors, determine the winners based on the idea's creativity, feasibility and potential for practical application and social impact.

This year’s winners are as follows:

2020 Iovine and Young Academy “Iovine and Young Prize”
Pica VR
Founders: Stephanie Ng, Annie Oh

Pica VR is a new VR design platform that helps users create content through a headset and export it directly into their game engine of choice -- no coding required. The platform aims to democratize the VR space, opening up a new world to non-developers in the realm of VR content creation.

The 2020 Iovine and Young Academy “Graduate Development Prize”
Infinity Boxx
Founders: Donielle Sullivan, Jim Welty, Del Necessary, Stene Schwartz

Infinity Boxx has the potential to transform both the shipping industry and customer behavior. The product is a reusable, secure, GPS-enabled shipping container that provides customers and companies alike with real-time tracking. Infinity Boxx can significantly reduce the waste produced by e-commerce, and provide a step forward in global sustainability.

2020 Iovine and Young Academy “Social Impact Prize”
Founders: Lauren Yen, Jacob Totaro, Laura Roed, Gianna Morena, Ayeshna Desai

There is perhaps no greater goal than improving quality of life for populations in need. The Torch team manufactures low-cost, temperature-controlled shelters that increase comfort for vulnerable populations across the world. The company aims to make a difference by positively impacting the living conditions of refugees and people experiencing homelessness.

Congratulations to all of our finalists for sharing their visionary and inspiring work with the Iovine and Young community.

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