Senior Spotlight: Anthony Yin

Having branched out across disciplines over his four years at the Academy, senior Anthony Yin now has a plan to fuse American music with Chinese consumers, all while devouring Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

Tell me a little bit about your journey to IYA? What were you looking for in an undergrad program?
The Academy was a good way not to silo my life into one narrow major just yet, but still have broad opportunities by learning different skillsets. Also, I liked the low student to teacher ratio.

What are some of your goals post-graduation?
I hope to buy a house in the Los Angeles area and work at a good job.

Describe a passion project you're currently working on or interested in?
A project I'm currently working on is focused on merging American music with Chinese consumers.

What inspired the project?
The project was inspired by me attending QQ Music in Shenzhen this past summer.

A young man stands on a rocky beach in a suit
A young man sits on a stool holding a white guitar. Behind him is word art on a wall, also all in white

Is there a leader or mentor who inspires you?
My scoutmaster from Boy Scouts.

Is there an inspirational quote you live by?
"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - I think by Eleanor Roosevelt

What advice would you give to a freshman?
Feel free to message me and we can talk about advice. Facebook messenger is probably the best.

Describe one thing most people don't know about you?
I teach Bible study, though I guess more and more people know that now.

What the one thing your parents taught you that you'd like to share?
Smile more.

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What are the essential things you always keep in your backpack?
Depends where I'm going. To school, then a laptop, a pen, and something to write on. If it's out into nature, then look up Boy Scouts 10 essentials.

Favorite app or website?

Favorite class at USC and why?
Anything that was rooted in the audio emphasis, you just really learned things that were cool.

Favorite way to de-stress? 

A selfishly long, hot shower. And playing or listening to music.

Guilty pleasure?

Those dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's that Aidan Harris-Tyrrell introduced me to and I still have to get him back for opening that Pandora's box in my life.

Thanks, Anthony!

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